All The Places in Between by John Cei Douglas

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A beautiful, wordless graphic novel about feeling lost . . . and trying to get back to the place where you think you should be.
What happens when you’re trapped in the darkness, in emotional pain and turmoil? How can you make your way through that anguish and find joy again? In wordless black-and-white illustrations, John Cei Douglas empathetically shows the struggle to communicate how things feel when we get lost, and the wrenching loneliness that comes with mental health struggles. His poignant images show a woman, sad and alone, as she drifts powerlessly across a vast and empty universe . . .  till she finds her way home. A quietly beautiful meditation on the seemingly endless paths we wander just to be able to return to where we think we should be, All the Places We’ve Been, All the Places We’re Going is a comforting reminder that you’re not alone on your journey.