Batman Black and White #1 to #6 2021 Series

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The original Batman Black & White debuted as a four-issue miniseries back in 1996. The idea, then as well as now, was simple: set some of the best and most unique artists working in comics today loose on an out-of-continuity black and white Batman story and see what happens. Artists the likes of Bruce Timm, Walt Simonson, Joe Kubert, Alex Ross, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Paul Pope, Tim Sale, John Buscema, Dave Gibbons and Darwyn Cooke all contributed stories to Batman Black and White’s original run, sometimes paired with writers, other times working entirely on their own.

This series includes creators like...

  • James Tynion IV
  • JH Williams 
  • Tradd Moore
  • Paul Dini
  • Jock
  • Tom King
  • Mitch Gerads
  • David Aja
  • John Ridley

And many many more.