Pre-Order Batman One Dark Knight Set of #1 to #3 with OK Comics Exclusive Signed Print by Jock

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We're selling our copies of One Dark Knight by Jock as a three issue set, all sets will come with an exclusive signed print by Jock. FIVE lucky winners will receive one of the signed and sketched prints. ONE lucky winner will win the Batman Year One Signed Poster by Jock. Winners will be selected at random.

Please note that this is a 3-issue set and each issue will ship separately when they arrive. The total cost takes into account 3 lots of postage. All comics in the set will be the standard cover A by Jock.

When a simple GCPD escort goes sideways, Batman finds himself on the wrong end of Gotham City in the middle of a heat wave with a super-villain in tow. Follow Batman as he traverses block by block across a pitch dark Gotham City while dragging a highly difficult E.M.P. to his permanent home at Blackgate Prison. The dark corners of Gotham City contain many surprises…and E.M.P. plans to deliver many more shocks before the night is through!

The first issue of this set to arrive with us on December 22nd, assuming it arrives on time, we'll ship the first issue shortly after it's arrival. Delays are expected, which is why we're shipping each issue separately. We should hopefully for the following issues in the next few weeks.