Chris Ware's Building Stories Puzzle

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How one spends one's leisure time is a matter of profound personal and private significance. Not only to the construction of one's life story but also the puzzling out of one's own inner voice. Don't waste it on frivolities such as fashion consciousness, passive cinematic diversion, sociable media but take advantage of this 1000-piece mnemonic analogue to keep things light & fun!

This puzzle is an original "remixed" drawing of the work. The packaging box, in the form of a building, was originally drawn by the artist, and takes a pull-out-drawer style.

Features original unique puzzle pieces made from original molds based on Chris Ware's renderings. 

This beautifully crafted artifact is a must-have for Chris Ware and Building Stories' fans with surprises and newly added concepts.

From the box:

"The above-pictured Vortex of Anamnesis may be recreated in a legible ~ 19" x 24" format by any eligible hominid otherwise unencumbered by limitations of

  • Employment
  • Family
  • Love

which simulates, in picto-fictitional empathetic doodles the Poetic Anguish of human retrospection reflection & regret as it is currently understood in the early Twenty-First Century. A fun corollary to artist/writer (aka "cartoonist") F.C. Ware's 2012 effort [Building Stories]"

The Building Stories Puzzle was designed by Chris Ware and published by Presspop, Inc.

Box Size: 6.3" x 8" x 3" (Height 20.5cm × Width 16cm × Depth 8cm)
Puzzle Size: 24" x 19" (Height 67.5cm × Width 49cm) 
Number of pieces: 1141 pieces
Made in China
© Chris Ware