Contest of Chaos by Steve Orlando

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Agatha Harkness wants a new Darkhold, and she's using Earth's heroes to get it! The Contest of Chaos is on as Spider-Man passes through a portal to a remote, magical city - where Wolverine attacks! Things really heat up when the Human Torch faces off against Ghost Rider, and the atmosphere is electric when Iron Man battles Storm! The hits keep on coming: Moon Knight takes on the powerhouse Taegukgi! Ghost-Spider clashes with White Fox! Captain Marvel confronts Cyclops! And in the ultimate fan-favorite anti-hero showdown, it's Deadpool vs.Venom! But, as more of Agatha's plan is revealed, can even Scarlet Witch and the Avengers put a stop to it? Collecting SCARLET WITCH ANNUAL #1, SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL (2023) #1, IRON MAN ANNUAL (2023) #1, FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL (2023) #1, MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL (2023) #1, SPIDER-GWEN ANNUAL (2023) #1, VENOM ANNUAL (2023) #1, X-MEN ANNUAL (2023) #1 and AVENGERS ANNUAL (2023) #1.