Dame Darcy's Meatcake Compilation

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Victorian humor, horror, and romance from a unique comics stylist. One of the most beguiling presences on the comics scene, Dame Darcymusician, actress, cable TV star, fortune teller, dollmaker, and last but not least, cartoonist to the corehas been bewitching readers for over ten years with her neo-Victorian horror/humor/ romance comic Meatcake. Alternating between one-off (often cruelly tragic) fairy tales and ongoing romps starring her eclectic cast of characters, including Effluvia the Mermaid, the roguish roue Wax Wolf, Igpay the Pig-Latin pig, Stregapez (a women who speaks by dispensing Pez-like tablets through a bloody hole in her throat), the mischievous Siamese twins Hindrance and Perfidia, Scampi the Selfish Shellfish, the stalwart Friend the Girl, and the blonde bombshell Richard Dirt, all delineated in her inimitable luxurious scrawl, Meatcake is like a peek into the most creative, deranged dollhouse you ever saw. Dame Darcy's Meatcake Compilation assembles in clothbound luxury the very best from the first decade of Meatcake (including "Hungry Is the Heart," the legendary collaboration with Watchmen's Alan Moore, a big Darcy fan who has worked with her on his ABC Comics)almost 200 pages of wild and woolly comics. Darcy's fans include many of her fellow cartoonists, and such similarly flamboyant personalities as Courtney Love (who once memorably guested on Darcy's cable TV show Turn of the Century). She also has a huge following in the Goth community, who enjoy her wickedly ghoulish sense of humor and retro art style. 200 pages b/w illustrations.

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