Damn Them All Volume 2 Paperback by Simon Spurrier and Charlie Adlard

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A supernatural heist from the artist of The Walking Dead and the writer of John Constantine, Hellblazer, perfect for fans of Guy Ritchie films!

Undoing the afterlife’s doom will be no easy task, and Ellie “Bloody El” Hawthorne, antihero occultist for hire, will have to try anything she can–and the corpse of her occultist uncle may be the key. However, with unexpected and hellish twists into the heist genre, the body of Bloody El’s late uncle is a prize feverishly sought after by her enemies. And as if Ellie’s plate wasn’t full enough, a love thought lost to the past makes a return, changing things forever. The stakes of the heist were hellishly high, as Theo finds a powerful demon in his collection missing, and only Ellie can get it back. He has something Bloody El desperately needs – something she can’t pass up if she wants to undo Alfie’s occultic crimes. But with both of them planning to double-cross the other… who will come out on top? Charlie Adlard, unparalleled The Walking Dead artist, continues his fiendish team-up with Hellblazer scribe Simon Spurrier, taking Bloody El to new, demonically deep levels of trouble! Collects Damn Them All #7-12.