Daygloahole #1 by Ben Passmore

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Buzzing in vibrant colors, and drawn in a fun gritty style, Daygloayhole tells the story of the end of the world. Hordes of mutants roam the burnt-out hell-scape that used to be New Orleans. Of course, the players haven’t changed a whole lot, corporations still screw people over, and the cops are bullies. Individuals are left to fend for themselves and are easily eaten up by the cruel world.

Our story follows two different solitary travelers, Nolimitz, a battle-hardened train-hopper, and Ben Passmore in his underwear! Angry and hungry, ready to machete his way to feeding himself and his dog, Nolimitz is ready for anything. Addicted to porn, and unable to connect with people, Ben is trying to redeem himself for his consumerist life pre-apocalypse.

The story telling is frenetic, and biting. Nothing is safe from marauding death-squads or from feminist critiques. While at times it can feel a little cynical, at its core, Daygloayhole is a sincere conversation about our consumer society, and about human nature.

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