Doctor Who Doorway to Hell Paperback by Mark Wright, Staz Johnson and more

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Join the Doctor in a new series of astonishing adventures from the pages of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE! Featuring five amazing stories... THE PESTILENT HEART, MOVING IN, BLOODSPORT, BE FORGOT, DOORWAY TO HELL. The Doctor finds himself in Brixton, London, in 1972. He is reunited with Jess Collins, a young woman who first encountered him on a terrifying night in Highgate Cemetery... The Doctor and Jess investigate a mystery beneath the city streets and uncover an ancient, deadly force. The Doctor has no choice but to make a terrible sacrifice - and finds himself stranded on Earth... Jess' family gives the Doctor shelter, and he begins to enjoy the temporary halt to his travels. But there are still dangers lurking - a ruthless pair of alien hunters, and someone else: a figure the Doctor never expected to see again... The original Master is back - and he has dark plans for the Doctor and his new family...