Doctor Who Nemesis of the Daleks Paperback by Richard Starkings and more

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The Seventh Doctor embarks on more thrilling adventures in time and space, in his second volume of collected comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and THE INCREDIBLE HULK PRESENTS! Featuring 14 amazing stories: Nemesis of the Daleks, Stairway to Heaven, Once in a Lifetime, Hunger from the Ends of Time!, War World!, Technical Hitch, A Switch in Time!, The Sentinel!, Who’s That Girl!, The enlightenment of lY-chee the wise, slimmer!, niveveh!, train-flight and Doctor Conkerer!, plus the adventures of Abslom Daak in Abslom daak… DALEK-KILLER and star tigers! In these exciting adventures, the Doctor joins forces with Abslom Daak to fight the Daleks, contends with an infestation of quantum bookworms, is reunited with his old travelling companion Sarah Jane Smith when they are kidnapped by the alien Kalik, and comes to the rescue of a boy captured by Viking raiders in fifth-century Britain.