Doomsday Clock Volumes 1 and 2 with Slipcase

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This listing is for both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Doomsday Clock with a slipcase.

Doomsday Clock is the finale of the story that was established in DC Rebirth, officially concluding the storylines that began in The New 52 continuity. The comic features the concept of the Multiverse, where the Watchmen universe exists separately from the DC Universe and each universe's characters treat the other universe's characters as fictional.

In the Watchmen universe, seven years after the massacre in New York City, the details inside Rorschach's journal have been published, exposing Ozymandias's role in the event. Now a fugitive, Ozymandias gathers several others to find Doctor Manhattan and bring him back to save the world.

Meanwhile in the DC Universe, during the present day, the "Supermen Theory", a conspiracy theory that accuses the federal government of the United States of creating its own metahumans, has created international conflict and led to an arms race, with various governments around the world recruiting metahumans and creating sanctioned superteams.

As characters from both universes meet each other, most of them try to find Manhattan for many different reasons, leading them to discover mysteries and revelations they have not been aware of.