Ex Machina Compendium Volume 2 by Brian K Vaughan

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Overflowing with more action, adventure, and controversy than most politicians encounter in their entire political careers, this compendium comprises dynamic storylines like Power Down, Ex Cathedra, Dirty Tricks, and much more! Follow along as Mayor Hundred uncovers new information about the accident that gave him his strange new abilities, and as the Great Machine navigates a complicated relationship with law enforcement. Witness the chaos unravel as a powerful new archenemy reveals a terrifying plan that s been in the works since the very first issue. The groundwork is laid for the epic tragedy of superhero-turned-mayor Mitchell Hundred, questions are answered, and blood is shed! WildStorm s ground-breaking political thriller fulfils its most shocking and talked-about conclusion in this compendium collection of Ex Machina #26-50 and Ex Machina Special #3-4.

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