J + K by John Pham

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J + K follows the misadventures of an inseparable pair of idiots (Jay and Kay) as they navigate life in the modern world. These simple-seeming stories weave in and out of themselves and give you unexpectedly sad twists and hilarious turns; imagine Seinfeld mixed with Peanuts. J + K is also a singular art object unto itself. As Jay and Kay routinely reference pop culture ephemera - magazines, posters, records, etc. - these cute, sad little artefacts are made real in the collection and will be included as separate extras and inserts to the book: a small mini issue of 'Cool Magazine,' folded up posters, stickers, and even a little 5'' vinyl record. Printed in three flourescent pantone inks, J + K will be one of the most unique and eye-popping releases of 2019, by one of the most distinctive and talented cartoonists working today. Pham's gorgeously 'bigfoot' cartooning style and brilliant use of colour, combined with his innate grasp of printing, packaging, and graphic design calls to mind the work of Chris Ware while staking out completely new ground in contemporary art.