Machine Never Blinks, The: A Graphic History of Spying and Surveillance by Ivan Greenberg, Everett Patterson and Joseph Canlas

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During the 1990s, most Americans first discovered the World Wide Web. During the 2000s, we became addicted to our mobile phones. In recent years, we have welcomed smart speakers into all our homes. We used to call it the Information Age.

Now, we might well call it what it is - the Surveillance Society. Keystroke recorders, cookies, spyware, CCTV cameras, Big Data, Facebook, Google, Twitter, ID Chips, GPS, Geotags, microphones, RFID, credit and debit cards, medical and financial records, biometrics, facial recognition, drones, foreign and domestic disinformation campaigns - sometimes we're willing participants; sometimes we're unknowing targets. But how did it come to this? The roots of today high-tech monitoring stretch further back into the past than you may think.

In Eye on you, the story of surveillance is presented from its earliest days, to help you more fully understand today's headlines and the every-increasing warning of constant, unrelenting monitoring, global data collection, and the threat to your rights, privacy, dignity, and sanity. The Machine Never Blinks is a comprehensive, eye-opening picture of the use of spying and surveillance in history and legend, from the story of the Trojan Horse through 9/11 and the so-called war on terror, including the exponential growth of government and corporate intercepts and databases, and even surveillance as entertainment (reality tv) and convenience (smart speakers).

Take a look around- Who's watching you right now?