Mister Miracle by Tom King

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  • Written by Tom King
  • Illustrated by Mitch Gerads
  • Published by DC Comics
  • Paperback

Something has gone terribly wrong with the perfect life that Scott and his wife Big Barda have made for themselves on Earth. There's war raging between their home worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis. Scott's cruel adoptive father, Darkseid, seems to have finally found a weapon that will give him total victory.... Only Mister Miracle can stop the slaughter and restore peace.

Don't worry, if you have no idea who Mister Miracle is... King does a great job of filling you in on most of the backstory, and the weirdness of the story begins to make sense in its own way.

This is one of the best DC Comics to come out in the past ten years! Don't miss out on it!