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A comic book ode to ooey-gooey homosexual lovers of the past, present, and future.

Like the rush of eating dessert before dinner or the tantalizing allure of itching a mosquito bite, Belly Full of Heart is a quick punch to the gut (romantically). Filled with illustrated vignettes of those moments where time slows and nothing exists except you and them, this collection covers topics such as being held, staying held, and squeezing the ones you love really hard. Read it beneath the blankets or gift it to the person who makes your heart pound.


"Lovers, cozy up for some true romance comics. Madeline speaks a love language that illustrates the true intimacy one has when getting to know their new partner. Including coin socks, drool pools and merging seed collections 💜" - Cole Pauls, Kwändür 

"Madeline’s work is like finding a beautiful singular shell at the beach. If your heart has ever felt big and wet, if you’ve ever gone for a drive at midnight to get a donut from the 24 hour donut place, this is a book for you!" - Becca Tobin, Rock Collector