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Captain Marvel stars in a self-contained miniseries that’s a perfect jumping on point for old and new readers alike!

After facing off against the Brood with the X-Men and losing someone she holds dear, Carol Danvers needs a break. But she’s not about to get it now! A slinky new cosmic threat comes for Earth’s Mightiest, and they know just who to recruit to really wreck Carol’s world — a surprise legacy villain! So when the disgruntled Nitro transports Captain Marvel, baby Gerry, Chewie the Flerken and some cantankerous Luddite troublemakers to a strange planet, Spider-Woman — Gerry’s mom — is left in a panic! As the mismatched group figures out how to get along and survive, Jessica Drew desperately seeks out help from some of Earth’s greatest heroes!

COLLECTING: Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest (2023) 1-5