Pre-Order Flavors of Iraq: Impressions of my Vanished Homeland by Feurat Alani and Leonard Cohen

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Originally published in French in 2018 and winner of the Prix Albert Londres, this unique graphic novel provides a glimpse of the devastating changes inflicted on Iraq in the aftermath of the American invasion. During the summer of 2016, distraught and disappointed by how Iraq is described in the media, French-Iraqi journalist Feurat Alani posted over 1,000 tweets in which he told the world about his Iraq. Feurat grew up in Paris, but spent many childhood summers in an Iraq that he watched fall apart under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. As an adult, he reports from an Iraq under American occupation, and discovers the sounds and silences of war. The Flavors of Iraq is an intimate and discerning look at a battered country from first a child's, then a young man's perspective. Together with Léonard Cohen's superb illustrations, the result is a poetic and powerful story of a different Iraq.