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Marriage ain't easy, especially when your spouse is hiding a monstrous secret. Just ask Rob Moreland, who lately has felt very distant and out of sync with his wife, Fiona.

He doesn't know how the pair fell into a spiraling marital funk, but he's hoping they can find a way to reinvigorate their relationship... until he receives a call from the LUNAR LODGE, a hotel located at the base of the Rockies, to confirm Fiona's upcoming reservation. The only problem is Fiona told Rob that she'd be traveling to Arizona for her 'work trip.' Believing that Fiona is having an affair, but unable to bring himself to confront her face-to-face, Rob decides to shadow his wife to the hotel and catch her in the act. But Rob will soon discover there's much more horror to the Lunar Lodge, and to his wife, than meets the eye.

Lunar Lodge #1–#4.