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In this action-packed, hilarious fantasy graphic novel perfect for fans of Nimona and The Adventure Zone, Maelstrom, the demon son of an evil tyrant improbably teams up with the Hero of Virtue to take his mother down—that is, unless, Maelstrom decides to betray the Hero first.

Maelstrom is a half-demon prince pining for a place in history. (Honestly, he’s just bored and searching for a way to pass the time.) Twigs is the young, prophesized Hero of Virtue fated to face him—or so we’ve been told . . .

But Maelstrom’s mother, regent to the throne and a powerful necromancer, is determined to keep an iron grip on her domain. Bemoaning his lost destiny, Maelstrom teams up with the Hero to stop his mother and forge a new destiny for himself. What Twigs doesn’t know is that Maelstrom has a cunning plan to build his own epic legend and double-cross Twigs at the perfect moment. . .

"Memorable characters drew me right into this gorgeous coming-of-age adventure that's as hilarious as it is heartfelt." —Carey Pietsch, bestselling artist of The Adventure Zone

"Maelstrom instantly hooked me. It's story that's at turns funny, exciting and always heartfelt, about wresting with destiny and identity and finding your own way forward." —Peter Wartman, artist of the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels