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The elusive guardian spirit Zawa is eternally trapped inside her mountain, a folk legend with only industrial sludge to eat, and nothing to nourish her. The result is nothing but bitterness, paranoia, and an existence that no one would envy.

But when two siblings from a nearby village, Bandit and Thatcher, help her escape, they'll quickly learn that the way to calm Zawa's heart is through a good meal shared with friends! But with a corrupt mayor and his private army enraged at the prospect of Zawa being free, it will take more getting involved to truly set things right...

From GLAAD Award-winning and Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Michael Dialynas (Wynd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), this macabre yet charming eco-fable about the freedom in friendship and nature overcoming greed will charm the hearts of readers of all ages.  

Collects Zawa + The Belly of the Beast #1-5.