Siberian Haiku by Jurga Vilé

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  • Written by Jurga Vilé
  • Illustrated by Lina Itagaki
  • Published by Self Made Hero
  • Hardcover

It's June 1941 and a quiet village in Central Lithuania is awakened to the arrival of the Soviet Army. Young Algiukas’s family is given barely any time at all to pack before being herded onto a crowded freight train bound for the snowy plains of Siberia. Algiukas learns to escape the daily rigours through the inventive power of his imagination, with the help of pencils, paper and a book of Japanese haiku poems. 

Based on the true story of her father, writer Jurga Vilé, along with artist Lina Itagaki, offers an unforgettable tale of a childhood in exile. In the process, they shed light on one of the darkest periods of European history that, seen through a child’s eyes, underlines the courage of human endurance.