Streets of Paris Streets of Murder Volume 1 by Manchette and Tardi

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A brutal one-two punch of savage noir thrillers teaming a master crime novelist and a superlative graphic novelist.

Streets of Paris, Streets of Murder is the first of two volumes presenting all four hardboiled crime graphic novels by Jean-Patrick Manchette and Jacques Tardi in a luxurious oversize format.

Gerard Griffu knew that when the sultry blonde with the pouty lips and the slit skirt sashayed into his office after hours, he shouldn’t trust her — and she didn’t disappoint!

Then, when a young sales executive goes to the aid of an accident victim, he is suddenly sucked into a spiral of violence revolving around a war criminal and two hired assassins. Forced to ditch his family for a life on the run, he finally finds an ally and returns to repay his tormentors — with brutal, bloody interest.