The 2000AD Art of Kevin O'Neill Apex Edition

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An incredible insight into the art of one of comics’ most unique talents.

The contents of this 160-page collection were compiled by O’Neill from his own archive, working closely with Rebellion’s editorial and reprographics teams to curate this unmissable testament to his remarkable career.

O’Neill, who sadly died in November, was an artist without peer. His work on strips in 2000 AD such as Nemesis the Warlock, Metalzoic, Judge Dredd, Ro-Busters and more sealed his reputation even before his wildly popular and influential work on Marshal Law with Pat Mills and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Alan Moore. His innovative, iconoclastic, idiosyncratic, and inventive work for 2000 AD will be showcased in an unmissable over-sized art book, featuring high-resolution scans of original artwork by one of comics most unique talents.

Presented in a deluxe, over-sized facsimile edition, the Kevin O’Neill Apex Edition will reproduce these stunning pages at their actual size – from covers to stunning double-page spreads, from just some of his famous work on Nemesis the Warlock to his final sequential work on Bonjo From Beyond The Stars, giving fans the chance to see these pages in all their glory.

From his concept sketches for 2000 AD’s alien editor ‘Tharg the Mighty’ to complete episodes from robot rescue squad series Ro-Busters, future lawman Judge Dredd, and alien freedom fighter Nemesis the Warlock, O’Neill’s unmistakeable style was influenced by everything from his childhood in the East End of London to the films of special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen, from Mad magazine and from the work of British cartoonist Ken Reid.

The complete list of contents:

Tharg the Mighty head shot concepts

2000 AD Sci-fi Special 1977 cover

Judge Dredd: Judges Graveyard pages 1-6

Tharg’s Future Shocks: Hunted pages 1-3

Mach Zero Star Scan

2000 AD Annual 1979 cover

2000 AD covers - Progs 40, 71, 84, 88, 97 (unused due to strike action), 103, 112, 167 (sketch & cover) 398, 483, 485, 489, 492, 500

Ro-Busters cover – Starlord issues 5 & 16 Cover

Ro-Busters Star Scan – Starlord issue 19

Ro-Busters – 2000 AD Prog 88, pages 1-4, 6

Ro-Busters – 2000 AD Prog 90, pages 1-6

Ro-Busters – 2000 AD Prog 103, pages 1-6

Ro-Busters – 2000 AD Prog 104, pages 1-6

Ro-Busters – Ro-jaws, 2000 AD Prog 106 Star Scan

Ro-Busters – 2000 AD Prog 111, pages 1-6

Ro-Busters – 2000 AD Prog 112, pages 1-6

ABC Warriors – 2000 AD Prog 119, pages 3-7

ABC Warriors – 2000 AD Prog 123, pages 1-6

ABC Warriors – Titan Book One frontispiece

ABC Warriors – Prologue pages 1-3

ABC Warriors – Epilogue pages 1-3

Shok! – Judge Dredd Annual 1981, pages 1-7

Judge Dredd: The Law According To Dredd – 2000 AD Prog 474, pages 3-7

Judge Dredd: The Law According To Dredd – 2000 AD Page 475, pages 1-2, 4-7

Judge Dredd – 2000 AD Prog 521, page 1

Nemesis: Terror Tube – 2000 AD Prog 167, pages 1-6

Torquemada The God – 2000 AD Prog 520, pages 1-6

Torquemada’s Second Honeymoon – 2000 AD Annual 1988, pages 1-6

Tomb Of Torquemada Poster Prog, cover

Tomb Of Torquemada Poster Prog, pages 1-6

Tomb Of Torquemada Poster Prog, poster

Nemesis the Warlock: The Final Conflict – 2000 AD Prog 2000, pages 1-6

Bonjo From Beyond The Stars – 2000 AD Prog 2312