The Silver Surfer Parable by Stan Lee and Moebius

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Stan Lee's best ever comic.

'Nuff said.


A star falls to earth. Panic grips the planet as mankind prepares for its inevitable end. But the star is a ship, and inside is a god. All he asks is adoration. Overcome with relief, man rushes to obey. There is only one voice of dissent that will not be silenced: the Silver Surfer, who recognizes the 'god' as his former master! But why has Galactus encouraged mankind to live down to his darkest nature? The Sentinel of the Spaceways stars in a bewitching tale of man's folly and nobility. 


"Moebius is my favourite illustrator, ever. His artwork in Metal Hurlant in the 70's is absolutely groundbreaking. As soon as I saw that he worked with Stan Lee on a Silver Surfer series, I was desperate to get my paws on it and it doesn't disappoint. This graphic novel is arguably Stan's best work. Silver Surfer Parable collects the two-issue series, completely out of Marvel continuity. The beauty of this is that it makes it more available to people unaware of the characters!" - Dani @ OK Comics