Tripwire Winter Special 2020/2021

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the autumn Special contains the kind of material people familiar with Tripwire’s history would expect:

A Flash 80th anniversary feature looking at the history of DC’s Scarlet Speedster

A look at the four Daniel Craig James Bond films so far and a taste of what we can expect in No Time To Die

A Neil Gaiman feature, taking a look at the writer’s long and renowned career including The Sandman, Good Omens and American Gods

An exclusive Kieron Gillen interview with the writer talking about hit series like Once & Future, Die and his latest series, The Eternals for Marvel.

Looking at the legacy of Darwyn Cooke

A look at 80 years of Batman’s deadliest and most iconic foe, The Joker, star of comics, film and TV

A State Of The Industry piece talking to people like Image’s Eric Stevenson, Diamond’s Steve Geppi and Aftershock’s Mike Marts on how the comics industry has changed and adapted after the coronavirus

Louise Simonson talks about her long career as a writer and as an editor

An exclusive chat with writer Ram V on his work for companies like DC, Vault and Marvel.

A look at how comic artists like Frank Quitely, Jock, PJ Holden and others create their work using Wacom and Cintique tablets. •Company profiles of Vault Comics and SelfMade Hero

An archive section reprinting interviews with the likes of Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Mike Mignola

The return of Stripwire, Tripwire’s acclaimed strip section which will include work from the likes of Sean Phillips (Criminal), William Simpson (Game Of Thrones, 2000AD), Roger Langridge and Andy Bennett, who has drawn a Sherlock Holmes alternate world short created with Tripwire’s editor-in-chief Joel Meadows. The strip section was always a major part of Tripwire in print and our latest is up to the same quality people would expect.