Queen of the Ring: Wrestling Drawings by Jaime Hernadez and Katie Skelly

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For the past 40 years, acclaimed graphic novelist Jaime Hernandez has been creating a Love and Rockets-adjacent world — set in the heyday of 1960s and '70s women's wrestling and lucha libre! — with an entirely separate cast of characters who have aged and evolved: the beautiful and brutal Bettie Rey, the I.F.W. Pacific Women's Champion — a.k.a. Golden Girl — as well as former champions Pantera Negra, Miss Kitty Perez, and many more.

As Hernandez puts it, "It's my Love and Rockets world that's not my Love and Rockets world." This best-of book spotlights the women who are often ignored in pro wrestling in 125 full color illustrations: pin-ups, action shots, fake wrestling magazine covers, all presented in a large paperback format that echoes the lucha libre magazines of the 1960s. Hernandez also discusses the work in an interview with fellow cartoonist Katie Skelly.

Despite having created one of the most expansive and remarkable casts of characters of any cartoonist who ever lived (under the umbrella of the ongoing L&R comic book series), acclaimed graphic novelist Jaime Hernandez — Will Eisner Hall of Famer; Eisner, Harvey, Ignatz, and PEN Award winner; L.A. Times Book Prize winner; and on a very short list of contenders for the title of America's Greatest Living Cartoonist — has been privately amassing a body of work that no one else has ever seen for over 40 years. Until now.

"The whole time he was working on Love and Rockets with his brothers, Jaime was also drawing women wrestlers for his own amusement. Often emulating the covers of the wrestling magazines that inspired him, the illustrations were rarely seen and never intended for publication.
This is 125 pages of these drawings, punctuated by passages from an interview. The whole package acts as a biography, of sorts, of Xaime Hernandez, edited by Katie Skelly from Fantagraphics" - Jared @ OK