Blood Stained Teeth Volume 2 by Christian Ward and more

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For decades, Atticus Sloane has been turning humans into Vampires known as Sips. Now, The First Borns Council, a secret cabal of Billionaire vampires have issued Atticus a threat, kill all his Sips or the Council will kill him.

But what does their plan have to do with Beverly Phelps--a Doctor-turned-Vampire--who, as Atticus hunts his Sips, is hunting members of the First Born Council?

Continuing the hit new Vamp-noir book 
Blood Stained Teeth, from Christian Ward (Invisible Kingdom, ODY-C, Machine Gun Wizards) and Patric Reynolds (The Mask, Nita Hawkes Nightmare Blog) in a world where blood isn't the only thing Vampires crave.