Cindy and Biscuit: We Love Trouble by Dan White

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From revered British indy cartoonist Dan White comes a monster-fighting latchkey kid in the vein of I Kill Giants and Courtney Crumrin.

Meet Cindy and Biscuit: a girl and her dog. People (even her mum!) keep telling Cindy she’s weird, that she’s got a morbid, overactive imagination―but if that was true, why would she keep encountering all these monsters, ghosts, and aliens in real life? Watch Cindy and her fearless four-legged best friend get in to all kinds of trouble, as their little coastal town seems to have a preponderance of werewolves, undead mermaids, dimensional portals, alien invasions, and worse . . . it's dark out in the woods! Luckily for all of us, Cindy is the action hero we needed, just in time to save the world a few times between now and detention.