Essential Spread Love Comix Vol.3 by J. Webster Sharp, Glenn Head, Peter Bagge and more (Signed by Jemma Sharp)

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This is a best of the issue 11 to 16.

Include comics and arts by Blouk, J. Webster Sharp, Parker Richardez, Adriano, Mike Diana, Mary Fleener, Dexter Cockburn, Glenn Head, Robb Mirsky, Siocnarf, Joao Araujo, Michael Falotico, Bigzoidy, Miggy Aguilar, Tony Dipasquale, Joe Matt, Josh Pettinger, Nick Maandag, Peter Bagge, Rich Ragsdale, Ben Comix, Cam Hayden, Chuton, Hunt Emerson, Chico Felix, Rick Buckler & Banci, Kyle Gunn, Harry Nordlinger, and Adam Brown.