Judge Dredd Darkest Judge by Kenneth Niemand, Henry Flint and more

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The smash hit 2000 AD multiverse mega-crossover ‘undead event’ in a single collection!

The zombies from classic mega-epic Judge Dredd: Judgement Day find their way into other 2000 AD storylines, and mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha must face off against a zombified multiverse of 2000 AD characters, including a zombie Judge Dredd!

Published in 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine last summer, this self-contained, multi-part epic sold out from newsagents and comic shops – but is now presented in one collection featuring work by Ken Niemand, Henry Flint, Mike Carroll, Gary Erskine, Emma Beeby, Neil Googe, Karl Stock, Kieran McKeown, Dan Abnett, Russell M. Olson, Ian Edginton, D’Israeli, Arthur Wyatt, Toby Willsmer, Rob Williams, Staz Johnson, Leigh Gallagher, Kei Zama, Honor Vincent, Boo Cook, Gordon Rennie, Dan Cornwell, James Peaty, Nicolo Assirelli, Liam Johnson, Conor Boyle, and Steve Yeowell!

Over thirty years since the end of the world was averted by Judge Dredd and mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha in 1994’s ‘Judgement Day‘ by Garth Ennis, Dean Ormston, Peter Doherty, Chris Halls, and Carlos Ezquerra, The Darkest Judge is a blistering ‘what if?’ that sees the myriad of worlds from 2000 AD’s 45 years converge in an explosion of death and destruction!

Instead of Dredd and Alpha executing Sabbat the Necromagus, they drop dimension-bombs to shift the whole zombie horde into a different reality – this means disaster for all the other characters published in the pages of 2000 AD, as the zombies infect everyone from Rogue Trooper to Sinister Dexter, from Ace Trucking to The V.C.s. There is now a whole multiverse of zombies that need killing, and only a few heroes left to take care of business!