Little Bird Paperback by Darcy Van Poelgeest and Ian Bertram

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With the limitless scope of Star Wars and EAST OF WEST paired with the sociopolitical explorations of A Handmaid's Tale and MONSTRESS, LITTLE BIRD tells the story of a young resistance fighter battling against an oppressive American Empire while searching for her own identity in a world on fire. A gorgeously illustrated epic from Award-winning filmmaker DARCY VAN POELGEEST and Angoulême-nominated artist IAN BERTRAM in which one girl risks everything to save her people, their land, and the freedom they so desperately deserve.

Collects LITTLE BIRD #1-5

"There's a reason that Ian Bertram was nominated for Angoulême Awards, this is a great showcase why! Little Bird is set in a dystopian future, not too unlike our own. The US is a crazed religious state, with a fascist rule over Canada. The story follows our main character, Little Bird, as she fights to restart a revolution. I was looking forward to this month's before it's release and was shocked by just how much I loved it!" - Dani @ OK