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The JSA’s greatest hero faces his greatest villain, in a powerful story of courage showcasing DC’s original Green Lantern in an all-new light!

The Green Lantern is the most powerful member of the JSA, beloved by all of America, but his personal life is a well-kept secret. Both his public and private life are threatened when he’s framed by a mysterious killer, and the victims are people from his past!

This is a story about love, about fear, and most of all about courage to stand up to that fear. Alan Scott's past is the key to his future when the Red Lantern appears, ready to strike down the mighty Green Lantern! Can Alan Scott stop his enemy's monstrous plans?

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern by Tim Sheridan and artist Cian Tormey is the first solo series starring DC’s first Green Lantern in decades, telling an emotional story of a closeted gay hero in the 1940s. Alan Scott: The Green Lantern is part of DC’s The New Golden Age initiative, alongside Wesley Dodds: The Sandman and Jay Garrick: The Flash, reinvigorating some of DC’s most enduring characters.

This volume collects 
Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1-6.