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A deadly typhoon, a mysterious creature and a girl who won’t quit.

In 2020, a large creature rampages through Tokyo, destroying everything in its path. In 1959, Asa Asada, a spunky young girl from a huge family in Nagoya, is kidnapped for ransom—and not a soul notices. When a typhoon hits Nagoya, Asa and her kidnapper must work together to survive. But there’s more to her kidnapper and this storm than meets the eye.

Using a stage name, Yone auditions for several record companies before seemingly getting her big break from Shibahama Music Factory, but she later learns fame can come with a cost. Meanwhile, Shota becomes obsessed with spotting the sea monster so he can use the drug to fight it again. Later, Asa and Nakaido discover an interesting clue in Professor Yodogawa’s belongings that brings them one step closer to uncovering the mystery behind the monster.