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Batman’s war on crime goes global, in this collection of the full 2022-2023 Batman Incorporated series starring Ghost-Maker and his international team!

In this series from the all-star creative team of writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms, the team's trust issues and detective skills are immediately put to the test when someone from Ghost-Maker and Batman's recent past is brutally murdered... Is this an isolated event, sending a message to the two? Or is this the start of something darker and more sinister? (Hint—it's sinister and dark!)

Speaking of sinister and dark… when Batman Incorporated attract the attention of a villain worthy of their talents, the problem is that this villain isn't just one Clown Prince of Crime—it's a whole international circus of Jokers! After all, why does Batman get to have Batmen all over the world, when Joker only has Gotham? Well, the end of Batman's global monopoly is approaching. Australia gets a Joker! China gets a Joker! England gets a Joker! Everyone gets a Joker! Welcome to Joker Incorporated!

Brisson and Timms travel the globe in this exciting revival of 
Batman Incorporated, loaded with adventure, excitement, and amazing new members and villains!

This volume collects 
Batman Incorporated (2022) #1-12, the full series.