Pre-Order Crusher Loves Bleeder, Bleeder Loves Crusher by Thomas Stemrich and Patrick Keck

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The old-timers in Texas’s Erzsébet county say that nature don’t ask permission, it feeds when it needs. But the bloodsucking bug in this here yarn got to thinking that nature ought not be absolute. Would you believe that this guy would rather dry up n die than ruin another picnic by taking his thirsty fangs to the softest baby with the deepest veins? And would you believe, just when he’s ready to die of thirst and turn to dust, a sickly human boy named Thum -a kind-hearted crusher done crushin’- finds our starving bug -a big-hearted bleeder done bleedin’- and hatches a plan to invite this feederfly back to where he slumbers?

‘Cause what difference does it make to a deep sleeper if you punch a hole real gentle and slurp-slurp real quiet? When the fully sated feeder’s kin catch wind of his safe space for suckling, he realizes that there are matters more complicated than how and when to die. Does Thum’s frail frame house enough blood for the swarm or does devotion to the hive leave Thum a husk? How do you choose between those who are kind to you and those who are just your kind when one lives for the other’s suffering? Better pick quick, little bleeder, or you bet yer butt you’ll regret it.