Pre-Order Fall of the House of X/Rise of the Powers of X by Gerry Duggan and Kieron Gillen

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The shocking conclusion of the Krakoan era of X-Men comics!

Mutantkind has never had a greater fall. From the highs of Krakoa — their own glorious nation, a place where they were safe and happy — to the lowest of lows. Outlawed, hunted, most of their kind missing or dead, and now one their greatest leaders, Cyclops, is on trial facing the death penalty. Ready or not, the time has come to make their final stand against the forces that have struck them low — in two different eras! In the present, Polaris returns to guide the X-Men home, bringing a wicked surprise for Orchis! A decade from now, Nimrod and Omega Sentinel are on the verge of summoning their binary god to consume everything in their accession. All that stands against them is the X-Men. What can they do? They’re the X-Men. They’ll find a way!

COLLECTING: Fall of the House of X (2024) 1-5, Rise of the Powers of X (2024) 1-5