Pre-Order Joker: The World Hardcover by Geoff Johns, Satoshi Miyagawa, David Rubin, German Peralta, Alvaro Fong Varela, Jason Fabok, and others

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The Joker is known as a homicidal artist and an agent of chaos. And the Clown Prince of Crime is about to take on more than just Gotham.

Inside the dark and twisted confines of Gotham City, the Joker has been the Clown Prince of Crime. But beyond the bridges, alleys, and skyscrapers—there's a whole wide world he could inflict terror on out there!

The Joker's about to travel around the world, including the United States, to Brazil, to Argentina, and more! Written by teams of top international talent, including Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok (U.S storyline)!

With a story that continues Three Jokers.