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Seeped in flamenco rhythms, a hero’s journey of love and hope 

Antonia is the sole inhabitant of a deserted town, with only a roaming pack of dogs and her own worn out memories to keep her company. Nothing is new in this world, the ponds are so still they are dead, and her recollections feel more vivid than her surroundings. At times, the isolation is unbearable. Until she meets her flower. Her flower gives her purpose: a reason to get up each morning, to ring the bells of the town, to wake up the fields, and to feel alive. And yet a relentless thought eats away at her—what will happen once her flower dies?

Her quest to save the flower begins alongside a charming traveler from the land of mirrors. The pair embark on a journey filled with music, swimming holes, and folk tales whispered late into the starry night. They march through the fields to the beat of turtledove calls, occasionally stopping to get drunk off the fruits of the strawberry tree. Slowly Antonia opens up to the world beyond her town, to the people who inhabit it—and to the endless possibilities of community and friendship. 

One of Spain’s most successful contemporary illustrators, Maria Medem’s atmospheric storytelling bursts with sensorial delight—brimming with engrossing sounds, flavors, and tactile sensations. With impeccable line work and an enchanting use of color, Medem spins a heartfelt meditation on loneliness, friendship, and the transformative power of love. 

Translated from Spanish by Aleshia Jensen and Daniela Ortiz.