Pre-Order Max Meow Book 4: Taco Time Machine Paperback by John Gallagher

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Welcome to Kittyopolis! Where cats rule and science is cool! Book 4 in the fur-ociously funny, secret super-hero graphic novel series with serious cat-itdue, for fans of Dog Man and Bunny vs Monkey.

'Funny, furry and fantastic!' - Judd Winick, Author of the Hilo series

It's a cat! It's a superhero! It's a . . . Taco Time Machine!?!?

Uh-oh! Mindy's dad, Professor Microbe, is lost in the time space continuum! It's up to Max and Mindy to save him! But time is tricky once you start messing with it and - oops! - Max may have accidentally undone his and Mindy's very first meeting!

That means no Space Meatball. No Science Kitty. No Cat Crusader. No best friends forever?!?! Ack! This time it's not just Kittyopolis that's in trouble, it's Max and Mindy's entire friendship!