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One for Sorrow will be a three-issue 48-page, prestige format series. And the title comes from an old nursery rhyme about, naturally, magpies. “One for sorrow, two for joy; three for a girl, four for a boy; five for silver, six for gold; seven for a secret never to be told.” Magpies are considered a bird of ill omen in many cultures, which jives with the description of the new title:

London, 1900. The capital hums with the energy of the new era, but something darker lurks beneath the surface. A monstrous figure stalks the city’s criminal underworld at night, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in its wake. The only clue that a baffled police force has to work with is the black and white feather left on each corpse, leading the press to dub the killer the Magpie. Is the Magpie killing at random, or is there a pattern that no one else can see? Three individuals, strangers to each other, might together have the answer.