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The great fine art doodler returns

Canadian treasure Marc Bell returns with another gorgeous, confounding comic that redefines how an art book can tell a story and how a graphic novel can be an object first and story second. His internal monologue leaks out like static from a radio and informs the external; he’s tying up loose ends; he’s finishing long-paused sentences.

Raw Sewage Science Fiction is about making art and understanding the results as autobiography. The process is a series of indignities, bubble wrapped frames, unpaid invoices, art lost through neglect or in the mail. Bell uses autofiction, collage, straight comix, tight cross hatching, loose doodling, repurposed in-flight magazines, envelopes, grocery lists, and snatches of late night CBC radio to examine a lost decade as he wanders from coast to coast.

In a century, these will be our illuminated manuscripts, our sacred texts, our guides to life for now they are simply the truth—the irritating, confounding, glorious truth.