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As the Krakoan era of mutantkind approaches its end, Storm of the X-Men looks to revive one of its greatest champions - Magneto!

On Krakoa, resurrection from the dead was as easy as completing a circuit — but Krakoa fell. The time of easy miracles is over, and only the hard roads are left. Now it falls to Storm to bring Magneto home to fight against the FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X…but after all he did, and all that was done to him, can the Master of Magnetism bear to come back to life? In the depths, Magneto was given a key by strange forces — and impossibly, he holds it still. Now, in death, Max Eisenhardt judges his own life — and counts the cost. Should he return to the world? And what does the Deep Key unlock?

COLLECTING: Resurrection of Magneto (2023) 1-4