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No one survives THE RUMPUS ROOM…and that’s just how New Age billionaire Bob Schrunk likes it!

Schrunk is one of these ubiquitous, social media-engaged, uber-wealthy entrepreneurs who’s using his power, influence, and privilege to turn the rest of us against each other—you know the type! But Schrunk sometimes prefers the…hands-on approach: He pits his antagonists against each other in a horrific torture chamber he calls The Rumpus Room, where your ultimate fate is to be crushed and turned into skin cream. But what happens when a cop with an agenda infiltrates Bob’s deadly game room? Learn all about it in this horror-satire from Eisner and Ringo Award-winning writer Mark Russell (NOT ALL ROBOTS) and artist Ramon Rosanas (YEAR ZERO: VOLUME ONE)!

A new-agey technocrat billionaire keeps an assortment of random people imprisoned in his “rumpus room” so that he may kill them, one by one, in order to make the not-over-the-counter facial cream that hides his morbid skin condition that gives his face a scaly, reptilian appearance. His one concession to his prisoners: they can democratically “elect” the next person to be placed in the cage from which he harvests the next victim in his deadly quest for facial hygiene!