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A Technicolor tapestry of irreverent comic book fun for adults young and old!

One day while combing the beach in their hometown of Las Brisas, the Santos Sisters discover a pair of beautiful medallions. What happens next changes their lives, forever. The medallions are imbued with the powers of a goddess, “Madame Sosostris”, and can transform them at will into flying, gun-wielding, mask-wearing murder-heroes with hearts of, if not gold, then at least candy. Follow Ambar and Alana, the Santos Sisters, as they balance spicy superheroics with the drama of their everyday lives in a playful mix of Archie Comics, Love and Rockets, and superheroics. The Santos Sisters fight crime, date guys, and try to just deal with day-to-day life as young women in a world of deadly assassins, roided-up footballers, zombie attacks, organized crime, and more — while their creators, Greg & Fake, help restore the concept of unabashed fun in comic books with a healthy infusion of nostalgia and laughs. Collecting the first five issues of the charmingly weird and weirdly charming hit indie comic book series!