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This lyrical graphic novel paints a captivating portrait of two women in search of themselves.

Feeling adrift after her daughter leaves the nest, Rita makes the audacious move to model nude for a live drawing class. There, she meets Esther, an artist who sees beyond the superficial and captures people’s true essences in her drawings. The two connect as kindred spirits, each recognizing in the other an oddball nature that marks them as outcasts. Through this endearing relationship, Esther and Rita defy how the world sees them and learn to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Skin is the striking debut graphic novel by writer Mieke Versyp and illustrator Sabien Clement. In this seamless collaboration, poetic turns of phrase pair with impressionistic watercolors, creating a tangible intimacy between words and imagery. Keen observation and dynamic artistry combine to tell a tender story of the human condition, as playful and devastating as life itself.