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An anthology of short stories based on some of the many popular creations of legendary Japanese mangaka Osamu Tezuka, as illustrated by a collection of some of the greatest comic creators in Europe. This larger 300-page hardcover edition is presented in traditional manga reading order, right to left.

This first volume includes "The Mouse" by Sourya, based on AYAKO; "The Moon Rabbit" by Brice Cossu and Valerie Mangin, based on BUDDHA; "A Taste for Blood" by Philippe Cardona and Florence Torta, based on DORORO; "The Cursed" by Mathieu Bablet, based on METROPOLIS; "The Eyes of Pandora" by Victor Santos, based on MW; "Love at First Sight" by JD Moravn and ScieTronc, based on MIDNIGHT; "Doppelganger" by Belen Ortega and Victor Santos, based on BARBARA; "The Parchment of the Cat" by Kenny Ruiz, based on MY SONGOKU; and "Catalante" by Mig, based on UNICO.