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The long-awaited remastered edition of the acclaimed graphic novel - including an introduction by Neil Gaiman. All love withers and dies... but for Chase Darrow, it is literally the kiss of death!

Chase Darrow is a beautiful weapon. The US government gave her a sexual power that makes her utterly alluring - the perfect weapon for espionage.

Yet to kiss a man leaves his lifeforce drained and means that no one can love her without paying the ultimate price.

But Chase is now on the run from The Man - another government creation and the first superhero. All machismo, he is sent to bring Chase back, but which weapon will prove the most powerful - love or death?

The Breathtaker Collection features the original four-part cult-classic, plus an all-new origin comic following The Man, by Marc Hempel (The Sandman, Heavy Metal, Hellraiser, Lucifer ) and Mark Wheatley (Johnny Quest, EZ Street, Frankenstein Mobster) and features a foreword by Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, American Gods, Good Omens). Remastered and reprinted, experience the original Breathtaker story in an all new light.