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Award-winning creators Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris are back with the third volume in the bestselling The First Cat in Space graphic novel series! Prepare to meet an evil paperclip, space dinos, and another adorable bunny. Mac & Shawn also reveal their tried-and-true method of scoring free dessert at restaurants. 

4.5 billion years ago . . . an AI paperclip named CheckMate was designed to fix grammatical errors. Exhausted of correcting "who” vs. “whom,” it concocted a plan to eliminate spelling errors once and for all. All life-forms would be turned into something beautiful, practical, perfect: a paperclip.

Thankfully, it was buried in the debris. Long forgotten . . . until it was accidentally freed. Now CheckMate has invaded every computer on Earth and is bent on fulfilling its dastardly plot. There's only one trio who can save the day: the First Cat in Space, the Moon Queen, and LOZ 4000. But when CheckMate zoops First Cat's spacesuit, our titular hero is now powerless. The fate of the world depends on...a regular little kitty cat. 

Will everyone in the universe become school supplies?!

Praise for the First Cat in Space series:

“Ridiculously fun.” —Dav Pilkey, creator of Dog Man

“Epic.” —Kirkus Reviews

"Infectious." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Laugh-out-loud." —School Library Journal (starred review)