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On Lonely Street, crime is cheap but justice comes at a price, so the Goon and his sidekick Franky defend the neighborhood against crime lords and supernatural ne’er-do-wells alike to keep the neighborhood safe.

The Nameless Man, the Zombie Priest, has come to town to build a gang from the undead. But the Goon is the only man brave enough to stand up to him, and even the undead fear the Goon! The Goon: Bunch of Old Crap Volume 1 collects the first four books of The Goon, featuring his misadventures on Lonely Street and the childhood story of how a boy born into a circus family became protector of the neighborhood.  Collects The Goon: Rough Stuff, The Goon: Nothing But Misery, The Goon: My Murderous Childhood, and The Goon: Heaps of Ruination.

The first omnibus volume of Eric Powell’s award-winning crime pulp series that combines pulp horror, crime drama, and a twisted sense of humor.